Why the Swiss Federal Master ?

With a Swiss Federal Master, you will distinguish yourself!

A Computing Qualified Staff Need

In 2017, it will miss 32'000 computing qualified workers according to 2 study carried out by the "National OrTra of computing works ICT-Professional Training Swiss" and the "OFFT". 

Practical Improvement In Progress

Every professional aspire to improve itself and take responsabilities. This is particulary true in the constantly evolving informations technologies field.

Better Salary

According to the salary of computing works national study, a computing worker with a "CFC" have an average salary of 72'000 CHF by years. A computing worker that have a swiss federal master training title will have an average salary of 85'000 CHF by years. This make a 13'000 CHF diffenrece by years. In other words, the investment in a superior training is then padded in less than a year of work.


Some Cantons are participating to the training costs. In most of the cases, the employers suports the improvement of their collaborater by reducing the training cost an a defined duration.

For the Employer, Immediate Gain

The owner of a swiss federal master is immediatly operational. His new skills allows him to take responsabilities in complex projects with unpredictable professional contexts.


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