Which Orientation ?

With a Swiss Federal Master, you will distinguish yourself!


Managing Orientation

The Managing Computer Engineer with a Swiss Federal Master acquired the skills that are necessary to carry out some projects. He lead the orientation and represent de point between the job process and the informations systems.

In deep collaboration with the ICT specialists, he formulates the specifications and defines the edges of the new solutions. He then oversees their introduction and ensures the operation's success.

His develloped skills allows him to participate to the solutions evaluations projects, and then enforce the necessary changements for the new applications introduction.

As Project Director, he can lead a little group of specialists that will contribute all along the project, so much on the "buisness" that on the "technical" aspects.

He intervenes on the innovating solutions' research, supporting the jobs process from your company.


System and Network Technology

With the Swiss Federal Master in System and Network Technology (TIC), you will usualy work as system admonistrator, like a network administraor or a support and TIC serivices manager.

You are competent for the evaluation, the build, the maintenance, and the exploit from TIC systems and network infrastructures. You plan and get responsible of the realization projects in the setup of TIC systems and network infrastructures field.

You are able to identifiy, analyze, and resolve problematic situations or malfunction in the system environment services. You lead a little technical collaborator group that is competent for the TIC systems and network infrastructures maintenance.

You are responsible, in this function, of the data security, and the TIC systems and network infrastructures disponibility and security.

Vous êtes responsable, dans cette fonction, de la sécurité des données, la disponibilité et la sécurité des systèmes TIC et de l’infrastructure réseau.


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