Prices and Funding

Course Price

The complete course price is up to 10'000 CHF.- for the 408 trainings and skills control periods, what equal to 33 CHF.- by period.

Each module can be followed individually, then the period price raise to 45 CHF.-.

The education price need to be paid before the beginning of the training. With specifics conditions, a graduated payment can be considered.


Examination Price

The complete examination price is up to 2900 CHF.- directly billed by "ICT Professionnal Swiss Training".



Some cantons are  participating to the education / examination prices. For exemple, in the Geneva canton, the annual training bank-check (CAF in French) participate to the funding by the following way :

Funding by the Annual Training Bank-Check (CAF) 2250 CHF for 3 years (750CHF/year).

  • How to benefit the CAF ?
  • Online CAF subscription


Funding for Companies

For the companies that support their workers in their professional training, there is many solutions to qualify your collaborator. In particular, an application for the payment of half of the employee's gross hourly wage may be requested:

  • FormaConseil : Experts advices
  • FFPC : Support to Companies


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