IBM Cúram Social Program Management (SPM) 6.x Technical Overview






After completing this course, students should be able to:

  •  Define the key components of IBM Cúram SPM
  •  Outline the runtime architecture and deployment architecture
  •  Access documentation tools and information sources
  •  Describe the services for data gathering and intake
  •  Describe the services for supporting the case lifecycle
  •  Describe the underlying business and technical services
  •  Interpret the SPM data model
  •  List the features of the application development environment (ADE)
  •  Describe how organizations customize Cúram SPM applications
  •  Explain the release, upgrade, and support processes
  •  List the features provided for analytics.

This introduction-level course is aimed at anyone who requires a technical overview of the Cúram SPM, including developers, technical architects, project executives, database administrators, testers, system administrators (technical), and other technical personnel.

Students must have a basic understanding of n-tier application development and architectures, including object-oriented development and web development technologies. Students must have completed one of the following functional courses:

  • Introduction to IBM Cúram Social Program Management 6.0.5: Functional Overview or
  • Fundamentals of the IBM Cúram SPM Platform for Business Analysts 6.0.5

During the course, the following topics are covered:

  •  The high-level architecture of IBM Cúram Social Program Management (SPM)
  •  Services to support common SPM functions
  •  Business and technical services
  •  Developing solutions with Cúram SPM.

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