IBM FileNet Content Manager 5.2.1 - Build a FileNet Content Repository






After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Use System Configuration Tool to create JDBC data sources for an object store.
  • Create an object store.
  • Add the object store as a repository to IBM Content Navigator.
  • Identify types of content storage areas
  • Create a file storage area.
  • Create a file storage policy

This course is intended for system administrators and solution builders.

High level understanding of the P8 architecture.

P8 terminology, including: Content Platform Engine, IBM Content Navigator, object stores, objects, Content Services, Process Services.

Using IBM Content Navigator to work with content.

Configuring desktops in IBM Content Navigator.

Using Administration Console for Content Platform Engine.

Recommended prerequisite courses:

IBM Content Navigator Introduction or equivalent knowledge (F270G)

FileNet Content Manager 5.2.1: Introduction or equivalent knowledge (F280G)


Build an object store

  • Create JDBC data sources
  • Create an object store
  • Add an object store as a repository to an IBM Content Navigator desktop

Work with storage areas

  • List the types of storage areas.
  • Describe storage options and architectures.
  • Describe storage policies
  • Create a file storage area.
  • Create a file storage policy.
  • Create an advanced file storage area.


  • Start and Stop System Components


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